Chelsea Meets Blog

Hello cyberspace!

I realize that I’ve had a rather standoffish relationship with my own online platforms in the past, but prepare yourself, because that’s all about to change. For reasons I will not disclose (potentially involving academic course credit), I will become a full-fledged blogger for the duration of the semester.

It’s true, I have yet to tweet. Yes, I just joined Instagram one month ago. I guess I’ve always been a little late to the social-media party.

Considering my background is in news, I’ve always found it difficult and frankly, uncomfortable to incorporate my own voice into my writing. For one thing, I’m not the most opinionated of journalists, so rarely does a situation arise in which I feel compelled to call out someone or something via published-for-all-the-world-to-see rant. Also, I usually don’t think that the opinions I do have are particularly interesting. Not that I’m not interesting as a person — believe me, I’m awesome. It’s just that I believe the thoughts I have about socially relevant and popular topics are not as original or funny or sarcastic or engaging or important as someone else’s, so I choose to sit back and let the true opinion-writing aficionados do the heavy lifting.

But, alas, my silence has come to an end, for one reason or another, and I’m determined to get better at this whole expressing myself to the abyss that is the Internet thing. It might be great, it will definitely be awkward, and you don’t even have to like it — but it’s happening. Better late than never.


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